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It's a long run in to Christmas break - Oh no it's not - Oh yes it is!!!! but filled with exciting events.
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Collective Worship Crew


At Mugginton CE we do something called the Collective Worship Crew (CWC). It is a scheme to boost our confidence and make Collective Worship more intriguing and enjoyable. When Mr Green arrived in January, we talked about how we could make Collective Worship even better. We decided together that it would be really good if we could lead Collective Worship more often. This was when the CWC came to life! We had to write a letter of application to Mr Green and we now have 16 members! Lots of us have already led Collective Worship - we did one on determination and Jack's group did a play about Zacchaeus the Tax collector from the New Testament. We all love CWC Worship and eventually we want to lead a Worship in another school!' (by Rosie, yr5, Fahren and Jasmine, yr4)

CWC Calendar

6th February 2017 - 11.40am

Jasmine S, Becky, Niamh

27th February 2017 - 11.40 am

Harry T, Kylan, Oliver, Alex G, Huxley

6th March 2017 - 11.40 am

Jack, Tyler, Matthew

13th March 2017 - 11.40 am

Lily, Mary, McKinley

27th March 2017 - 11.40 am

Alice, Daisy, Freya, Rosie

2nd May 2017 - 11.40 am

Daniel, Thomas H, Anya, Harry B

22nd May 2017 - 11.40 am

Edward, Jasmine, Fahren, Harvey, Thomas M

12th June 2017 - 11.40 am

Emily, Evie, Alex, Amelia

All Parents very welcome

Our Prayer Wall

Dear God,

Thank you for our amazing school and all the fun things we do. Thank you for our super teachers and for the things they do for us. Thank you for our friends, for books and food. Please help the Year 6s to do their best in the SATs.

By Becky (Y6) Daisy (Y6) and Freya (Y4)

Dear God

Please help the homeless people in Derby. Thank you for everything.

Edward (Y1)

Dear God

Please help the homeless children in the world. We want them to be happy for the rest of their life. Thank you for my super sister and for my brilliant brothers and for our brilliant school.

By Rosie (Y6) and Jasper (Reception)

Dear God

Please bless those who are less fortunate. Bless those who are in war now and bless those who need things but do not get them

Edward (Y6) and Harvey (Y5)

Dear God

Thank you for the things we need like food, water, life, nature, peace, love and kindness. Help everyone at Mugginton school to carry on being kind.

Harry (Y4) and Daniel (Y4)

Dear God

Thank you for families to look after us and for friends to encourage us.

Alice (Y3) and Jasmine (Y3)

Dear God

Please help those struggling in Syria. Please help them to stop the way in their country.

By Evie (Y3)

Dear God

Please bless my Grandad and help him to get better. Please help him to have a house nearer to where we live so we can visit him more easily.

By Alex (Y6)

Dear God

Thank you for food and for our teachers. Thank you for my home, family and friends.

Lily (Y3)

Dear Lord

Thank you for the lovely smelling flowers that grow in the fields. Thank you for our friends and family who take care of us and take us home. Please bless everybody in our school and bless everybody in Syria.

By Alex (Y3) Joe (Y1) and McKinley (Y3)

Dear God

Please bless all the people in Syria. Thank you that we live in peace and harmony in Mugginton. Please bless everyone who isn’t as lucky as we are.

By Niamh (Y6) and Amelia (Y6)

Dear God

Thank you for my Sister, Bella. Please help her to be healthy, nice and happy every day of her life.

By Oliver (Reception) with Tyler’s (Y6) help.

Dear God

Thank you for my friends. Thank you for games and for Mason and Edith.

By Kylan (Y3) and Oliver (Y4)

Dear God

Thank you for our school and for the teachers and for our family.

By Archie (Y1) and Harry T (Y3)

Dear God

Please help those who aren’t as lucky as we are. Bless them to be fortunate like we are.

By Jack (Y6)

Dear God

Please help those who aren’t as lucky as us. Thank you for our school and for our teachers.

By Matthew (Y5)

Dear God

Thank you for family and friends. For berries and bees and the things we need.

By Thomas (Y4)

All Saints Church, Mugginton

As a Church School, we have very strong links with our local church. The Nativity takes place in the Church in early December and teams from the church assist with collective worship on Wednesdays. Programmes such as "Open the book" and "How" are conducted by teams from the parish. There is also an end-of-term church service each term starting at 2.30 pm. It has become traditional for parents, carers, relatives and friends to join this service and we typically have a congregation of nearly 100. The school also joins with the parish to arrange festivals in the church such as Mothering Sunday, Harvest Festival and a Carol Service.

The joint parishes web site contains information about other services at All Saints, Mugginton as well as the sister parishes in Kirk Langley and Mackworth.


All Saints Church

Mugginton CofE Primary School - Mr J Green, Headteacher - 01335 360261

Church Lane, Mugginton, Weston Underwood, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 4PL