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Emergency Contact

Have we got your latest contact details including changes of mobile numbers?

Please ensure we have your latest contact details so that we can contact you if your child needs you during the school day.

Medicine Form

Does your child need medication during the school day?

If your child needs medication during the school day you will need to sign an agreement with the school. We do not normally give medicines to children and will not be able to give medicines unless they are prescribed by a doctor. If your child is ill they need to be at home - we don't have the facilities to care for them in school. If your child becomes ill during the school day we will contact you and ask you to collect them straight away. However, long term conditions can be catered for with a special agreement between parents and the school - for example for allergies, asthma and epilepsy. Please click and complete the Medicine Form and return it to the school office.

Morning Entry

The procedure for morning entry has changed. Here is a copy of the the letter sent to all parents and carers regarding the revised arrangements.

Bad Weather

In the event of snow, our priority is always the safety of our pupils, parents and staff. Every effort will be made to keep school open, but we recognise that a number of pupils and staff travel quite a distance to school. This will be taken into account when deciding whether or not to close school. If heavy snow has fallen and school has to be closed, the website ( and Twitter Feed (@muggintonCE) will be updated and a text message sent out to parents by 8am.

Playground Surface

Staff and governors are committed to keeping all children safe at all times. We are aware the playground can become slippery in winter conditions. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing to maintain the playground surface, please click here.

Trip to London

One of our year 6 pupils, Rosie Harris produced this PowerPoint show about the recent trip to London.

Click to see the show..

Playground access

The use of the playground outside of school hours is a cause for concern. The fact sheet provides more information.

Homebase supports
Forest Fridays

All these goodies and it is not even Christmas - maybe better - Forest Fridays.


There is a school newsletter at the beginning of every term.  They carry news of activities at the school and  events planned for the term

Click to download your own copy of the newsletter.

MPS Newsletter T6 2013/2014

MPS Newsletter T1 2014/2015

MPS Newsletter T2 2014/2015

MPS Newsletter T3 2014/2015

MPS Newsletter T4 2014/2015

MPS Newsletter T5 2014/2015

MPS Newsletter T6 2014/2015

MPS Newsletter T1 2015/2016

MPS Newsletter T2 2015/2016

MPS Newsletter T3 2015/2016

MPS Newsletter T4 2015/2016

MPS Newsletter T5 2015/2016

MPS Newsletter T6 2015/2016

MPS Newsletter T1 2016/2017

MPS Newsletter T2 2016/2017

MPS Newsletter T3 2016/2017

MPS Newsletter T4 2016/2017

MPS Newsletter Autumn 2029

School Finances

There has recently been much coverage in the media about the funding for schools. Many schools across the country have indicated that they will have to take drastic action (retrenching staff etc.) to maintain a balanced budget.

 On 16th January 2017, Governors on the Finance Committee considered the future finances of the school and the minutes record:

 Governors noted that the (financial) projections indicate that the income and expenditure budget should be roughly in balance for the next two financial years. Governors identified the potential threats to this position as:

 • A dramatic drop in pupil numbers

 • An abnormal escalation in inflation

 • A dramatic drop (>10%) in the grant from the LA.

 This is against the background of a reduction of about 1% in actual terms of the grant from the LA for 2017/18. Governors do not expect financial considerations to materially affect the operation of the school over the next two years.

At the meeting of Governors on 10th October 2018 they took the view that there is no reason to change this viewpoint.

School Improvement Plan 2017-2018

The School Improvement Objectives set for 2017-2018 were:

  1. To build on our success optimising the EYFS curriculum and quality of teaching so a minimum of 80% of children achieve a good level of development at the end of the year.
  2. Ensure the teaching of early reading is optimised further so outcomes in the Year One Phonics Screening Check are above LA and national averages consistently.
  3. Ensure More-Able children achieve as well in Mathematics as they do in Reading and Writing by developing reasoning skills, further in-lesson challenge and by using Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) resources and activities

Useful Links

BBC Learning Zone Lots of activities for all subject and ages.
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Channel 4 Learning Lots of activities for all subjects and ages.
Character Maker Create characters for your stories.
Childline Someone to help you 24/7.
CiTV Have fun with the gang from CiTV!
Crayola Lots of arty activities to try.
Creating Music Become an online musician!
Ecclesbourne Navigator Visit the website of our Feeder school
F9 Kids Great games for all ages.
Giggle Poetry Have a giggle at these funny poems.
Grid Club Get some help with your homework.
Healthy Eating Do you know about healthy eating?
Hello World Learn a new language online.
Map Zone Improve your map skills.
NASA Find out about space
Online ICT Lessons Improve your computer skills.
Postman Pat Help Pat and Jess deliver the mail.
Recycle Zone Are you eco-friendly?
Revisewise Revise for your SATS tests.
Santa's Workshop Help Santa and the Elves prepare for Christmas
SATS Booster Practice for your SATStests
Sebastian Swan Stories for infant children.
Spot The Dog Have fun with Spot
Think U Know? Do you know how to stay safe online?
Time Travellers Go back in time with Birmingham Museum.

Updates for parents - Covid -19 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, stakeholders in Mugginton Primary School were kept up-to-date on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic by regular emails. The texts of these these emails is recorded below: The date shows when the email was sent to stakeholders.

Covid Letter 1.

Covid Letter 2.

Covid Letter 3.

Covid Letter 20-03-2020.

Covid Letter 25-03-2020.

Covid Letter 30-03-2020 #1.

Covid Letter 30-03-2020 #2.

Covid Letter 31-03-2020.

Covid Letter 01-04-2020.

Covid Letter 07-04-2020.

Covid Letter 13-04-2020.

Covid Letter 12-05-2020.

Covid Update 17-09-2020.

Covid -19 2020 - Return to school

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, there was a phased return to school governed by the following Risk Assessments and Policies.

Covid-19 Return to school: Policy. - 29th May 2020

Covid-19 Return to school: Risk Assessment. - 29th May 2020

Covid-19 Return to school: Policy. - 7th June 2020

Covid-19 Return to school: Risk Assessment. - 7th June 2020

Covid-19 Return to school: Policy. - 15th June 2020

Covid-19 Return to school: Policy. - 25th June 2020

Covid-19 Return to school: Risk Assessment. - 25th June 2020

Community Access

We provide a notice board by the main entrance to signpost parents to other venues offering facilities such as sports, arts and IT.

Study Support

The small class sizes in our school ensure that there is a small pupil/teacher ratio and that teachers are able to plan, teach and support a curriculum which is tailored to individual needs. We also have a qualified higher learning teaching assistant (HLTA), a teaching assistant(TA) and a Special Educational Needs (SEN) teaching assistant (TA) who are able to deliver specific programmes of work to individual pupils or small groups. The friendly, family atmosphere which encourages parents/carers to come in to school regularly ensures that regular informal discussion takes place and parents are aware of their child's progress. There are also parents’ evenings in the autumn and spring term and a comprehensive end of year report.

Quality Childcare

The school provides details of local Ofsted Registered Childcare Providers including day nursery provision and childminders. Early Birds Club runs at school each day from 8am to 9am. After-School Clubs run every day from 3.15pm to 4.30pm.

Parenting Support

Information sessions are available for parents and carers of children joining Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) or when joining our school following a transfer. Family learning sessions are offered to parents. A notice board by the main entrance signposts parents to local and national sources of advice and support.

Swift & Easy referral

Staff are aware of their responsibilities and the school has clear internal processes for referral to outside agencies for children with special educational needs. Referrals are assessment based, managed by named individuals (Mr Green), working in partnership with a variety of other professional agencies.

Mugginton CofE Primary School - Mr J Green, Headteacher - 01335 360261

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