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We have had a very exciting start to the term: no phones and no internet but our thoughts go out to those who had much more serious damage in the lightning strike over the bank holiday weekend. School phone no: 01335 360261
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The Juniors

School Outcomes (SATS)

The school outcomes for 2015-16 are detailed in this link.

The school outcomes for 2016-17 are detailed in this link.

Check the link to Ofsted performance tables.

Junior artwork

This year the Juniors have been studying the works of famous artists representing artistic styles. They have produced their own works of art based on these styles. Can you guess the artist and the style from the pictures and information below? If you can't - just ask a junior.

Amazing Church by Cathy

A. My paintings are very colourful. I like painting film starts and iconic American objects. What is my most famous image?

Ellie school

B. I am a pop artist with initials RL. I was inspired by comic books. I used lots of dots to colour in. "Whamm" is my iconic painting.

Ellie Owl

C. I am a Russian painter famous for painting circles. I said: "I hear colours and see sounds."

Ellie Owl

D. I only use the primary colours and black and white. There are no curves or circles in my work.

Ellie Owl

E. I designed buildings in Barcelona using shapes from nature. I liked using tiles and ceramics.

Ellie Owl

F. My sculptures are big and smooth with "holes" in them. I like to display them in parks. I also painted scenes from the underground in WWII using wax and watercolours.

Our Teaching Areas

Teaching is centred around the Junior Classroom where years 3 to 6 are taught (Key Stage 2 or KS2). The furniture and fittings in the Junior classroom were upgraded during the summer of 2016. There is also access to several other learning areas: The Learning Garden, the Rainbow Room and the Sunshine Garden.  The playground is frequently used for learning as well as at playtimes, the Village Hall provides a large indoor space for games in winter and other indoor activities while the Village Hall field is used for games, teaching and play in the summer.

The Curriculum

Juniors with JG

The overall statement about the curriculum in our school is covered on the Classroom page with more details on the Curriculum Fact Sheet.  Each term the newsletter gives information about the curriculum the children will be studying.

 First Monday of the term and look at the artwork

Our Staff

The teaching team in the Junior classroom:

Mr Joseph Green Headteacher & KS2 teacher
Mrs Emma Jones KS2 teacher
Mrs Debbie Wallen Teacher
Mrs Celia McKay HL Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helen Sweeney HL Teaching Assistant

Teaching Plans

The long-term curriculum planning for KS2 (Juniors) is available on this link.

These documents will be also posted on the notice boards in the classroom.

Talking about our school

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